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Short Courses & Workshops

These are our short courses, from 1 hour one to one and diagnostic sessions to 1 day public speaking and presentation skills courses. You will get an opportunity to get an initial impression of our coaching methodology and see its effectiveness.

Our focus though is long term. As the saying goes, “Rome wasn’t built in a day”; the full results that are available to you aren’t built in a day but need a constant repeated long term support structure.

One-to-One sessions

One-to-One Focus Sessions

To work with a coach one-to-one and get insights into making ideas into plans and plans into actionable results.

Or deal with obstacles in your path.

Public Speaking Diagnostic

A coaching and feedback service to optimise your public speaking performance, and to identify your strengths and areas for further development.

It will help you to speak effectively in meetings, interviews, business pitches, networking events and in public speaking engagements. Includes video feedback and reflective work.

One to One Employment Success Coaching

This is a specialist coaching product we offer clients who want to secure the careers they desire instead of settling for what they can get.

Group sessions

Being Unstoppable

The only thing between you and success is that you get stopped easily. You might be hooked into your comfort zone.

Unhook yourself. Be Free and Be unstoppable.

Join the next course or the webinar.

Introduction to Public Speaking

This is an introductory workshop to public speaking. We have some very practical and effective coaching methodologies and tools to unlock your natural self-expression and authenticity in front of groups.

Discover your passion for public speaking and learn how to shine in public situations.

Try it out.

Speak to Lead

Speak to Lead is a 1.5 day high-impact, intensive public speaking and presentation skills training course for leaders.

This is a one day workshop followed by a half day Ted Talk style public speaking event. In this workshop you discover how to be natural and vibrant on camera and in public meetings and speeches – enabling you to get noticed and get your message heard.

Confidence, Assertiveness & Resilience

This is a reflective and practical one-day course for individuals who would like to develop their confidence, resilience and assertiveness (CAR) in life and in their workplace.

Whether you are chief executive steering an organisation in a new direction or an employee in a stressful client facing role, you might need coaching to help you deal with the demands of your role and have the satisfaction and confidence that comes from our experiential coaching and training.

New Beginnings Workshop

At a time of uncertainty such as the pandemic we are living in right now, one can get anxious, stuck and disorientated. You may tell yourself it is because of the crisis we are in but it is only the trigger to something much deeper. All of your fear, hate and anxiety is actually a reaction to unhealed and buried pain that you carry, perhaps forgotten and unconscious. In this workshop we will help you to get back to the source and begin again.

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