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One to one employment success coaching

We will work with you in all aspects of applying to and securing your ideal position at any level.

We have experience in coaching many individuals to secure the roles that they want to get, not they can get, from junior positions, senior leadership positions to director level.

Our rule is, if you know 60% of your new role, we can support you to secure the employment offer and retain it beyond the probation period.

We will be working with you on developing your CV, Linked In Profile and other social media and coaching you to develop the mental capacity to apply for what you want to secure and then when you get appointed to keep the new role and develop.

We will support you to apply for jobs not just looking at adverts but to find opportunities by engaging and networking with your preferred employers.

If your career is the type that needs getting it via an agency or an agent, we will support you in working with agencies to secure employment and dealing with problems that you might encounter in agency supplied positions or freelance contracts.

We will be coaching you on interview performance by videoing your performance and giving you coaching and feedback to improve your performance.

We will do this 3 times, ie 3 video interviews followed by coaching sessions to get to ready to be the top candidate at your interview/s as there will be more than one interview nowadays to secure a position.

And once you secure your position, we will support you to pass your probation and keep yourself in the job you wanted.

Contact us for an informal discussion and see what’s possible for you by going for what most people think is impossible.

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