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Long Term Programmes

This is what we do, take you on a long journey to make your dreams actually happen in results.

We become the wind behind your sail.

Life Works

Life Works: Be Free Be A Leader is Freedom Works UK’s premiere programme. It’s a programme unlike any you might have encountered.

If you have a dream and you are actually interested in your dream becoming reality, then do this course.

Speak With Passion

Are you stopped in interviews? Does the thought of speaking in meetings at work or in public make you anxious?

This is the course for you.


This course is only available for the graduates of our Life Works programme.

You will get to be a coach and mentor for others while excelling at Leadership, Empowerment, Action and Performance.

3C’s Coaching

Use Courage, Commitment and Communication as tools to beat any issue, circumstance or condition that stops you from being free and being a leader.

Back to Health

Are you in your 30’s,40’s or 50’s and unfit or overweight? Have diabetes type 2/high blood pressure or heat disease? Or are you a smoker? If you want to get back to full health this is the programme for you.

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