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Life Works: Be Free – Be a Leader

Making the impossible possible

LifeWorks Be Free Be A Leader is Freedom Works UK’s premier coaching and mentoring programme to help people realise their dreams in reality. It is a 7-month journey into learning, developing, training, attempting, failing and achieving. It is an epic adventure into realising your career or business dreams in reality, while also taking care of your personal development needs, whatever they are.

We take a small group of committed people (4-10 participants) to help them to make their dreams come true in 7 months over 3 parts. Or deal with the prevailing conditions, ie issues and circumstances which prevents people from really doing what they want to do.

Before embarking on the programme, all participants will take part in a 4-hour, standalone coaching session to begin to identify their personal goals, and to ensure that the programme is the right fit for them.

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Were you affected by COVID-19?

We led a 4 month leadership programme funded by National Lottery Communities Fund to 9 people from Islington and 2 more from London between December 2020 and April 2021.

We conducted an impact assessment study of the course with the participants, and to go further we asked an independent research company to run an independent study into Freedom Works UK and our work.

You can see the highlights of the course, along with the results of the study and impact assessment via the button below. What we do as a coaching and mentoring company is quite difficult to explain but hopefully from these you will gain an insight into our work and the kind of people we are.

View Leadership Programme Highlights

Programme Structure

The Life Works programme is structured in three parts, taking place over the course of 7 months. Before starting the course, all participants will take part in an initial 4-hour coaching session. This introductory session will set the scene and allow all participants to decide whether the full programme is right for them.

Session 1: Commitment

A standalone 4-hour coaching session

Your commitment is vital to the success of this programme. In this introductory session, we will look at your goals and challenge you to decide whether to commit or not. We will:

  • Identify your passion and/or dream result
  • Identify what limits you from achieving your dreams
  • Create a foundation and long-term plan
  • Give some initial coaching for starting the journey
  • Identify the pitfalls and problems you will encounter

At the end of this session, we would ask you to make a full commitment to your future as created in the session, or leave. You can’t ‘think about it’! We find this is the most powerful motivation for people achieving their goals in reality.

Part 1 – Foundation

‘Be Free’ (9-Session series of 3-3.5 hour workshops)

This series of workshops will give you some fantastic tools to help you to deal effectively with all obstacles and make your life work and start to achieve results one step at a time.

It includes 9 x 3½ hour sessions over approximately 2½ -3 months to enable you to put the key pieces in the jigsaw of your freedom from issues, circumstances and conditions which stop you from living your life fully, doing what fulfils you rather than what burdens you.

By the end of Be Free you will have produced a major milestone result which goes some way to fulfil your overall outcome (gold medal outcome) by the end of the programme.

Part 2 – Transformation

A special event about freedom (1 Day 10 hour workshop)

Transform your view of yourself and the world you live in so that you are better able to achieve breakthroughs in life leading to realizing the full results you are after.

You will be producing 3 major milestones in your chosen field within the next 7 days following this workshop.

Part 3 – Leadership

Be a Leader (4 parts, 4 x 1 day (8 hour) Workshops over 4 months)

Be a leader in your life instead of a follower/prisoner of events and circumstances.

Provide leadership to a group. Be able to coach and make presentations to groups (or 1:1) in ways you have never imagined possible. Realize an overall outcome you have always wanted to but couldn’t. This could be career, business or a personal ambition of becoming a singer, artist or a film maker etc. We call this your “Gold Medal Outcome”.

You will complete the programme by leading a special graduate coaching session to a paying audience on your final workshop.

Completion Speeches

Case Studies



So why would you want to do this?

It starts with the session 1, in this session we will:

  • Get you to identify your passion and the dream result which would be a testament of that
  • Create a really useful and effective structure (foundation) to make it happen
  • Create a long term plan
  • Give you some initial coaching in to starting the journey with the best foot forward
  • Will show you all the pitfalls and problems you will encounter should you wish to take on this journey
  • Work out and agree all the logistics’ of how we will make this happen with you
  • Then give you a choice of either taking it on fully with us and a committed group as team or leaving it

All the participants in this session we have met previously and individually explained the full details of the course, what it would take from you and what we will offer you and the cost of the programme with payments options.

And we invited you to be at this session to be here, to get to the 1st step on the ladder and then at the end of the session choose this journey or not. You can’t think about it or let us know later.

So first please contact Ken or Chris for an initial conversation about this programme. Then book the next available Session 1 in the event calendar.

By the time you attend the session 1, together we would have worked out what your long term goal is by the end of the programme. What is your gold medal outcome for example if you are an Olympic athlete what would your gold medal outcome will be out of this?

In this programme of coaching you will be challenged on:

  • Your view of yourself and your ability to produce results
  • Getting out of your comfort zone
  • Turning ideas into actual products/results
  • Accepting and taking coaching
  • A new approach to management
  • Strong group leadership
  • Leadership of coaching
  • Authorship

In all, these workshops contain over 80 hours of direct classroom/workshop training plus over 40 hours of telephone and other pre arranged support sessions.

Previous clients have created ideas into new opportunities, changed ca-reers, started businesses, changed direction, dealt with redundancy, got their dream job, started relationships and lived up to their qualifications/certificates

If you have any question, please contact Ken Hettiarachi on 07736 392100 for an appointment to get any questions answered.

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In this programme we force you to profoundly face up to these two life truths:

Truth #1

Truth #2

Life Works Testimonials

“Over the past 18- months the tools and techniques I have taken away from Freedom Works UK has given me a whole new outlook on life. The knowledge that I can reach my dreams has opened a new chapter in my life and career. Chris and Ken have afforded to that. One-to-one support sessions have proved inspiring in that they are quite simple subtle reinforcements of the Freedom Works themes. Recent upheavals have been handled so that I am able to manage these head on. I have been inspired both personally and professionally. Chris and Ken have been supportive coaches, confidantes, listeners and challengers throughout the coaching process. I cannot imagine a relationship like this with any friend, relative or stranger.”

“It has been an awesome experience to be a graduate of the programme, the tools you have taught in the training actually do work. I was a course Junkie, chasing a dream. Once upon a time I had little self worth and I was highly critical of myself. Through the training, I have had major breakthroughs, this was totally through Ken and Chris’s extensive networks. They really do care, they are very supportive and they are only a phone call away. They really do want you to succeed. Take action now! Tomorrow is not guaranteed, so Be Free, Be a Leader!”

“The program was amazing and gave me much more than I expected from it. Before getting involved with Freedom Works UK I had let anxiety rule my life. I had become isolated and was reluctant to go out and engage with people in the way I wanted to. The employment I took was often the low skilled, low paid variety as that sort of work usually involved no responsibility. I knew I needed to change things but lacked the know-how and the will to do it on my own. The coaches and other participants I met through the Freedom Works program gave me both the knowledge and the support I needed to take control of those aspects of my life I was able to change. “

“In just a few short months Freedom Works has helped me to see how my negative self-beliefs have been holding me back from living the life I want and having the career that I am trained for. I thought I would never be able to stand up in front of others and give a speech, or do a presentation. Freedom Works gave me the tools to do just that and as a result of my new found confidence I am now planning my first community project. I feel privileged to be coached by such professional people. I never imagined that that my life would change this quickly. The great thing about Freedom Works is that they offer you an amazing opportunity to transform your life and somehow they have managed to make it affordable.”

“Very experienced coaches and practical coaching. I had the pleasure of attending and accomplished their Freedom Workshops. Thanks to that I have gained lots of practical knowledge. Now as a workshop leader myself I am able to help more effectively people coming to my workshops. I would certainly recommend Freedom Works UK to anyone who wants to be a professional coach for other people.”

Tuition Fees

As at January 2021

Tuition for Freedom Works’ Life Works Programme is means-tested to ensure that aspiring students, graduates, people and on lower incomes can access the programme, and to ensure a level of commitment from senior managers, directors and chief executive officers on higher salaries wishing to take part in the programme.

The Life Works programme consists of approximately 113 hours of direct group and one-to-one coaching:

  • 90 hours of group and 1:1 coaching in the classroom
  • 16 hours of group and 1:1 coaching over the telephone/internet (1 x 30 minute group call each week during the entire course and an extra buddy call with another participant, max 30 minutes each, during last 3-4 months of the course)
  • 7 hours of 1:1 mentoring and specific sessions tailored to participants development needs, approximately 1x 1hr meeting per month

Tuition fees are means-tested at 7.5% of participants annual income. Payments can be made in a lump sum; in three instalments; or seven monthly instalments.

Life Works programme tuition fees

Special offer: If you choose to pay the fee fully or as a lump sum we will offer you either, 1) free 2 months one to one coaching after the completion of this course, or 2) A 50% discount off LEAP, our coaches training programme.

** For people taking on career and business development, we also charge a success fee. If we supported you to achieve the target job post successfully or business financial goal successfully, we will charge a bonus based on 7.5% of your annual salary then or the financial target achieved minus what you’ve already paid. This is a standard practice with many coaching organisations.

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