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About Coaching

People always have questions about coaching and keep asking Ken about it when they meet him, as he is a coach.

So what he did was to get a few of his clients to ask him any of their questions on video and answered those.

These were the questions they were thinking about coaching before they became his clients. These were their own questions only if the same person asked the same question Ken let them know that question was already asked so that is the only proviso.

Each person got 6 questions and they were all short questions with short answers so it is easy to listen to. They were recorded separately so people can watch the video that is relevant to them and not have to watch the whole thing to get to the answer to their own question if it is similar.

If your question about coaching didn’t get answered, there will be more, but why don’t you call Ken and ask it yourself? Don’t worry, you won’t be recorded, unless you wanted to.

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What Denise wants to know about coaching

Denise is a participant in one of my leadership coaching programmes currently and she wanted to ask me a few questions about coaching. She asked me 6 questions in all.

Emily wants to know…

#1: Emily was curious, she wanted to know why Ken is a coach and what made him do it?
#2: Emily wanted to know what is coaching and how does ken define it?
#3: Emily wanted to know, why would someone need coaching?
#4: Emily wanted to know what were the most common issues which people came to Ken for coaching for?
#5: Another good question Emily wanted to know the answer to was, has Ken encountered people with issues such as ADHD, Autism, Dyslexia etc
#6: Emily asked a very good question about coaching for people with mental health issues.

Sofi wants to know…

#1: Now it’s Sofi’s turn, she wanted to know what was the most enjoyable thing about coaching?
#2: What is “success” for you? Do can you define it and how do you achieve it?
#3: Sofi wanted to know how do you deal with failure and upsets when you feel down in the dumps what do you do?
#4: Sofi wanted to know what was the difference between personal and busienss coaching?
#5: The next question Sofi wanted to know was what was the hardest thing about being a coach?
#6: Sofi’s last question. Are all people born to be great or is it a privilege of a select few?

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