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At Freedom Works UK, we’re passionate about what we do, and we’re delighted when we see that passion and enthusiasm being transferred to the people who attend our programmes. We think their views are more powerful than anything we could say.

Details of clients in all our programmes and workshops are confidential. We will never reveal who our clients are and what they are dealing with. These testimonials are completely voluntary and spontaneous and we thank the people who gave them for their generosity and kindness to us.

“The workshop [Be Free – Be a Leader, 3 Hour Workshop] shows you different tools to direct your life in a way that shows us who we really are, but for the constraints and fears we have that stop us taking action. So these tools showed us how to take action and stand up for ourselves, and be happy and free.” Alejandra.

“I feel more able to achieve my goals because Freedom Works has taught me that seeing past my problems is the first step towards conquering them” Anonymous.

“The Freedom Works Workshop achieves what it promises to. The work is very much done by the participant, however the required support is very much provided by Freedom Works UK. And it works”. Monica Kinder.

“I would recommend this programme and each session – but be ready to commit to change!!” S. Whitton.

“I have just completed the Be Free Be a Leader Programme it has been an amazing journey, I learnt to use distinctions which set me free from any issues that stops me succeeding in life. This programme has encouraged me to take action and has pushed me out of my comfort zone in terms of completing a project with the community and leading a workshop. This has given me a real boost of confidence and made me realise my full potential and now I can aim to go even higher.” Evonne

“I really enjoyed this session [Speakers Corner Workshop], it challenged me and pushed me to go out of my comfort zone. It helped me lose my inhibitions a little and not care what other people think. I feel more confident as a result – I will definitely be back!” Angela

“Thank you so much for such engaging and thoroughly enjoyable sessions. All the feedback has been extremely and exceptionally positive because you were truly terrific and greatly appreciated by us all.” Alan Margolis – Hampstead Training Consultants

“I came across Freedom Works when I was looking for something different, I was frustrated with those 1 or 2 days ‘fix your life’ courses. The workshop was about to start but even though they were fully booked Ken Hettiarachi was very helpful and made an exception to fit me in. This isn’t a quick fix course, it is 7 months of coaching, training, working by your side to find your needs and getting you working on them. From the first day Ken managed to find my limited beliefs and coached me on them. My business and personal life are now stronger, more profitable and now I understand that I was the one stopping me from achieving my goals. If you are looking for a coach, a friend and mentor I highly recommend working with Freedom Works. Thanks Ken & Chris” Gilberto De Souza – Epic Body Fitness Training

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