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Back to Health Programme

In 2016 Ken was told he has Diabetes Type 2, he weighed over 100Kgs.

In June 2019, on his last checkup, his weight was down to 91Kgs and losing further still (now it’s 85.5kgs), all his symptoms are negative.

It was quite a struggle to learn how to beat diabetes and regain his health and fitness, he says “which I have now and at the age of 55 I feel 40 and look under 40. Ken runs 40-50K a week with ease, dances to 5rhythms and plays African Drums for fun.

The programme is over 6 weeks, several events per week consisting of coaching sessions, meditation and bodywork training, unusual and fun exercise sessions and healthy and tasty cooking lessons.

It is for a small group of 4-8 participants at a time and over 6-10 weeks.

happy woman running through waves at the beach

The aim

Rediscover for yourself just what it would take to regain your health, not by being a gym bunny, but exercising in more interesting, eco-friendly and fun ways that have an impact and eating the right food that is tasty and nutritious and not boring or bland and learning how to cook it.

To be fit for purpose in life. So many people we meet, young and old, men & women, look thin, they go to the gym or running or swimming all the time but always complaining that they’re tired when we say let’s go for a walk or even when we say let’s go to dinner!

What’s the point of being fit, if your fitness is making you tired and you dread going to the fitness regime (the gym, run, tennis etc), but only go there because you have to.

In this Back to Health Programme you’ll be:

  • Getting Back to health coaching sessions to reset your mindset
  • Dancing to music (5Rhythms) (with another teacher)
  • Playing African drums in a drum circle (with another teacher)
  • Taking long walks, hikes, climbs and runs as a group
  • Taking part in healthy cooking lessons
  • Learning Zen Meditation and Zen Shiatsu bodywork on each other.

We are looking for 4-8 people to participate in several sessions a week over 6 – 8 weeks.

The programme then doesn’t end suddenly, we will afterwards carry on with the activities as a group over as long as it takes the members to be healthy and fit and then to maintain the health and fitness. The 6-8 weeks is the start to get everything in place. You will only be charged a fee for the 1st 6-8 weeks after you will join our Back to health group and will pay a small monthly membership of £30 a month to keep on the benefits of the programme and the group will widen.

Please contact us asap for more details or the next introduction to Back to Health session.

Ken recovering from a run

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