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3C’s – Commitment, Courage & Communication Course

“In success, there is no magic, if you apply yourself fully and give your all, and with a bit of luck, you get to be successful, there’s no guarantee, but the more you put in, the more you get out”.

Sebastian Chano Rodriguez
Paralympian Athlete

This is a brand new coaching session series to help you to deal with issues and circumstances that is stopping you from realizing the best in your life, career or business using Courage, Commitment, and Communication as tools to help yourself to deal with your mental state and take actions in your life which gives you a different experience, of being free and at the same time to accomplish a real and tangible result that is important to you which you are unable to do now because of your issues or circumstance.

Your issue could be anxiety, social anxiety, lack of confidence, lack of self-esteem, depression or anything similar or the circumstances which hold you back could be – lack of money, lack of time, lack of support or lack of opportunities or not knowing what opportunities exist. The point is to learn how to deal with your issue and beat it by producing actual tangible results along the way in a sustained, committed way and not giving up. This is a very practical workshop which will help you to be free and have the results you want.

What this session provide is coaching, not counselling. In coaching the athlete needs to want to win, they need to commit, so in coaching people to be free of Anxiety, Lack of Self-esteem and Confidence we ask they commit fully over long-term and allow us to support them with these sessions. We know because we have helped many people like you before. We have set a maximum number of 8 participants plus facilitator/s so we have time to attend to everyone.

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