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Speak to Lead

Public speaking training for leaders

  • Unlock your leadership and inspire leadership in others
  • Elevate your performance and become a more effective, authentic and charismatic public speaker who speaks to lead.
  • Learn how to speak with impact and deliver key messages that land with your target audiences.

Speak to Lead is a 1.5 day high-impact, intensive public speaking and presentation skills training course for leaders.

You will learn to speak to lead with impact, charisma and authenticity in a range of leadership situations such as:

  • Expressing your vision and leadership in the boardroom and to your staff
  • Communicating your messages to the media
  • Inspiring and leading change

Training will include one-to-one and group coaching, role-play, practice, video feedback and coaching.

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Course Outline


30 minute telephone call or meeting with each participant to understand their learning needs, and identify individual learning outcomes.

Day 1 (full day)

  • Course introduction and individual goal-setting
  • One-to-one and group coaching to unlock your own authentic leadership style through your public speaking.
  • The power of story-telling and the art of sharing vividly.
  • Live practice, role-play and video coaching and feedback in the contexts appropriate to your goals.
  • Participant homework: Prepare a 5-7 minute speech/presentation

Day 2 (half day)

  • Preparation Session: Preparing for a speaking event (or any important event)
  • Final Session: Participants deliver their final speeches
  • Evaluation: Objective analysis and completion.

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