Testimonial - Gilberto De Souza - Freedom Works UK Testimonial - Gilberto De Souza - Freedom Works UK

“I came across Freedom Works when I was looking for something different, I was frustrated with those 1 or 2 days ‘fix your life’ courses. The workshop was about to start but even though they were fully booked Ken Hettiarachi was very helpful and made an exception to fit me in. This isn’t a quick fix course, it is 7 months of coaching, training, working by your side to find your needs and getting you working on them. From the first day Ken managed to find my limited beliefs and coached me on them. My business and personal life are now stronger, more profitable and now I understand that I was the one stopping me from achieving my goals. If you are looking for a coach, a friend and mentor I highly recommend working with Freedom Works. Thanks Ken & Chris” Gilberto De Souza, Epic Body Fitness Training