We panned the pandemic - Freedom Works UK We panned the pandemic - Freedom Works UK

Freedom Works UK got funded in November 2020 by the National Lottery to provide a 4 month leadership programme to a group of people in Islington and London from disadvantaged backgrounds effected by Covid Pandemic to help create practical solutions and become leaders of their lives and also leaders in supporting their community.

We had 11 participants and now were coming to the end of the programme we did an impact assessment survey.

This is one of the replies:

Be Free Leadership Course
Impact assessment survey

1) I did the Be Free programme with FreedomWorks UK because…

During the 2nd half of 2020 I found myself in transition. I just completed working on a project abroad and was trying to figure out in what way I want to proceed with my career. Mind you, covid prevented me actually in continuing working on establishing further projects abroad. I came across the “Freedom works” advert in the Islington bulletin and I remember that the add really spoke to me. I decided to contact Ken in order to get more information. Initially the course was full but because of covid restrictions the course ended up starting on a later date and somebody dropped off, hence I got a space.

2) What I found out about myself from the programme is…

I am the one that is stopping me from progressing in my life; whenever there is a blockage, it is because I have a belief that is limiting me and clouding my view. By having to actively confront it (doing the weekly homework that was set by Ken) I gained awareness and was able to deal with it rather than going in default mode. Setting small actions towards a goal has helped too staying focused and dealing with resistance in a practical way.

3) The results I produced from the programme so far…

I have gained much more clarity about my strength; my likes and dislikes; an ability to stay in peace and to be okay with not knowing; to seeing circumstances and issues from a different angle; new insights about the power of our mind and the spoken word; increased faith; new coaching clients; creating “soul spa workshops”; created possibility to work with a school that I have been working for before in leadership capacity;

4) My full circle project was/is about…

I have facilitated it around a friend of mine that got diagnosed with cancer, had a huge surgery and also had to undergo chemo therapy;

5) How did your full circle effect the community/individual you were supporting?….

It was supporting the individual person in a very practical way; by organizing a meal rota and a shopping rota. My friend was overwhelmed by the responds of friends and co-workers that gave up their time to rally around her and support her. She said she didn’t even know that she had so many caring people in her life. It has been of extreme value to her but also has shown the power of community.

6) How did the programme affect you in how you want to progress in the future?…

For me it’s all about changing mindsets; once a mindset is changed the sky is truly the limit; There have been so many practical tools and exercises that have impacted my mindset throughout the program. I believe in lifelong learning – hence the tools and exercises are building blocks to continue to build on. Circumstances and issues will always arise and having a solid toolkit to tackle them in a way that is actually propelling me forward rather than allowing them to stop me is what it’s all about.