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I am Evonne I have just lead my graduate coaching session last Sunday (21/06/15)(which is a coaching session lead by graduating participants of a 7 month intensive coaching programme run by Freedom Works UK called Be Free Be A Leader).

I started our programme with 2 others in November 2014, last year. At the time I was looking to improve my self confidence so I can work towards being the best persons I can be in terms ocialising, speaking up at meetings and promoting my service of helping people to complete application forms for employment (during the programme I expanded this to include job coaching.)

The most valuable thing I learnt from participating in Be Free Be A Leader programme is that whatever you suffer from eg low self confidence, anxiety, procrastination etc it is not a part of you it is just an issue and it is separate from me and I have a say in who I am going to be about it. To crucially take the action I was going to take from this stand point. I was also working to complete most of my goals before the 21st June 2015 which gave me the knowledge and the ability to lead the session from my experience of the programme.

Just before my graduate coaching session (which was a one and a half hour coaching session) I was very nervous about delivering the material in front of people I did not know, as I have previously only done short presentations no more than 20 minutes at work.

My experience of leading the coaching session itself was exciting and scary at the same time, I was out of my comfort zone in terms of leading a workshop to people who I did not know. It was an interactive workshop so I wanted it to be dynamic and the guests to understand and use the tools I was using in life and apply to their everyday life so they get to have a breakthrough in what they are doing. After the session I got some amazing feedback from the guests.

In the programme I took a stand for being confident and happy in life regardless of what type of situation I am in or when making any decisions about my life and that made the difference in helping me to get through the nerves and do a good job so I am taking that with me wherever I go from here.

Thank You