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The game of risk

A coach once said to us, "So there is this thing called the game of life. It's a bit like a horse race. There's your favourite horse, you bet on the likelihood of your favourite win. You can either bet £5 or you can bet your house on that horse. If you bet £5 it doesn't matter to you much if your horse lost, but if you bet your house on that horse, well that's different. You will go to the stable, talk to the owner, make sure the jockey is a good one, check the ground. There is something different when you bet something big, something is at stake. So in the game of your life what are you betting on? What's at stake for you? Your house or £5?
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Which way is it?

I run 3 or 4 times a week and on my running map to get to the canal bank I run through a short cut through a housing estate nearby, there are two short cuts, one through the car park and under a tunnel and the other up a little hill through an open gate, which was locked and gated when I began my running a few months ago but the gate is now removed. This is the short short cut.
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The Moment

"Whenever you deeply accept this moment as it is - no matter what form it takes - you are still, you are at peace"
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Listening vs Hearing

Have you heard the riddle? There were 30 cows in a field, twenty ate chicken, how many didn't?
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The strange case of time

Next to "Oh it's too hot" or "What? It's raining again!" isn't the most often used phrases in the English language are "Sorry I'm late" or "I don't have time for that" or "Oh no I'm too busy"?
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CEO secrets

As a coach of entrepreneurs and people who are perusing career ambitions I have been giving and myself following these same offerings for many years. So it is really gratifying to see many leading industry leaders reiterate the same.
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Get out of my way – you Pleb!

Over recent months I’ve been taking part in a coaching programme aimed at getting my thoughts, actions, aspirations and life to all line up. There have been downs and ups, but this week the group session helped me to make a major breakthrough – I realized, I’m a Pleb!
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