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No one has it, everyone wants it but most waste it on intellectual masturbation, well you’re reading this instead of doing something important like running your business properly! You think more time spent reading s**t or learning s**t will make you more profit, but it won’t. My mentor said “most successful people don’t sit and plan, they already live into a plan by actioning their plan”.


No one has it, no one wants to spend it or everyone pretends to have it and for people who have it there is never enough of it. Investing money or getting people to invest is one key to your success.


Where is your opportunity? If you consider yourself “successful” you would have created lots of opportunities by spending committed time and money to create them and that worked. If you consider yourself “not successful” or “a failure” (like Frank Spencer – that is because you haven’t created any opportunities for yourself.


I don’t know who said it, but someone did, they said “it’s not what you know, it’s who you know!”. This is really true, if you don’t spend time, money and connect with people you won’t create any opportunities. It’s your relationships and connection you establish with these people which enables you to sell your products/services or for them to ask from you either directly or indirectly that connects the dots.

This is why time, money, opportunity and connections are the DNA of success.

Now get on with it.