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What Aspect Of Your Personality Is Preventing You
From Becoming Unstoppable?

You are in a team meeting at work, your colleague presents a fact which you know to be untrue. Do you;

You are sitting in the train, a very attractive/handsome man/woman sits next to you. Do you;

You are making a presentation at work or pitching a client for your business, people are beginning to yawn! Would you;

It's Friday 5pm and you are about to finish work, but you haven't met a deadline which you set out for yourself. Will you;

Your work colleague/business partner is not performing to the standard required. Do you;

You are being asked to make a very important presentation to your (or your company's biggest potential client yet!) are you going to;

Your partner is unhappy because you are taking a lot of time at work! He/she needs you at home more often! Do you;

It's your work Christmas party! You are;

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