National Lottery Funded Leadership Course - Freedom Works UK National Lottery Funded Leadership Course - Freedom Works UK

Be A Leader with Commitment ~ Courage ~ Communication

A 6 month results course funded by the National Lottery Community Fund

“In success, there is no magic, if you apply yourself fully and give your all, and with a bit of luck, you get to be successful, there’s no guarantee, but the more you put in, the more you get out”.

Sebastian Chano Rodriguez, Paralympian Athlete

We have now started this course, so please don’t apply. We are hoping to start another series in January/February 2023.

Please see the course details below, if you think you have the qualities we are looking for and want to be a leader then apply early, we will keep in touch with you and let you know when we open the next course. You will get the 1st priority for our interviews.

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Course Details

This is a 6-month long coaching programme to help participants deal with issues and circumstances that stop them from realising the best in their life, career, or business goals. And to produce tangible results, e.g. starting a new job, starting a business, becoming self-employed, or starting a community initiative or project.

The participants will use the principles of Commitment, Courage and Communication as tools to help deal positively with their mental state and take effective action which gives them a different experience in life. It is an experience of being free and at the same time being able to accomplish a real and tangible result that is important to them.

Their challenge or issue could be anxiety, social anxiety, lack of confidence, lack of self-esteem, depression, or a related mental health challenge. Or it could be a circumstance that holds them back, such as lack of money, lack of time, lack of support, lack of opportunities, or not knowing what opportunities exist.

The aim is to learn how to deal with these issues and circumstances and beat them by developing emotional resilience using their own natural “Commitment”, “Courage” and “Communication” skills. These skills will be clarified to help participants produce tangible results along the way in a sustained, committed way and through not giving up. This is a very practical workshop series that will help participants to be free and have the results they want if they apply themselves gradually over the duration of the course.

These sessions provide coaching, not counselling or therapy. In coaching, the player needs to want to win the championship/gold medal – whatever that may be for them – and they need to commit. In coaching people to be free of Anxiety, Lack of Self-esteem or Confidence and to produce real and tangible results, we ask participants to fully commit to the course over the long-term and allow us to support them with these sessions.

We know this works because we have helped many people to be free and be leaders this way. We have set a maximum number of 12 participants per class, eight from people based in Islington and four from London, so we have time to attend to everyone but also have a good group dynamic which is an essential element of the course.

The programme consists of 12 fortnightly live classroom sessions (3 hours a session) on Thursdays, held in Central London near Kings Cross, and in between each live classroom, on alternative Thursdays, a 30 minute Zoom support session to reinforce the conversations of the sessions and to keep participants accountable with their results and actions, and a final celebration event with guests invited by participants (13th session).

The course includes the following elements:

  1. Initial set up session – 3 hour live classroom:
    We will get to know each other and inquire into creating a mindset conducive for producing effective results. In this session, people will get the full details of the course, all their questions answered, and what it will take from them in terms of effort, time and application. If they are willing, they get to commit to the full programme fully or leave the course if they feel it is not suitable for them. A minimum of 80% attendance is a mandatory requirement for us to be able to take anyone onto the course from this point.
  2. 6 x 3 hour live sessions to explore Commitment, Courage and Communication (2 sessions per principle)
    These 3C’s are practical tools to help people deal with challenging circumstances and to take action to produce useful, valuable and practical results in their lives.
  3. 2 x Full Circle Project training sessions (3 hours each).
    Each person will take on a leadership project to create, organise and facilitate a Full Circle session to enable an individual or a group in their locality to get support to solve a problem they are experiencing in a long-term sustainable way using their own local community as a resource using a simple but specific method.
  4. 3 Specific masterclasses (3 hours each):
    • Job searching, networking, applications, and interview skills
    • Getting a business or project idea off the ground
    • Public speaking and pitching
  5. Completion and celebration session.
    The course will complete with a completion and celebration session on 30 June 2022, in which participants can invite important people from their life to share their achievements and celebrate with them.

Freedom Works UK is accredited by the CPD Accreditation Group as a leadership coaching provider. Each participant successfully completing the course will get a course completion certificate.

Who we are looking for

We aim to have a minimum of 50% of participants who are men between the ages of 20 – 50, from Islington and London, seeking to develop their wellbeing. This is because the majority of participants in our previous course were female, and we are striving to achieve a better gender balance, with 50% of placements for women from ethnic minority communities.

To take part in the programme, you need to be ambitious and motivated. You need to attend a minimum of 80% of the live classrooms and a minimum of 80% of group zoom sessions.

You will be trained and asked to lead a support session for an individual or a group in your community (e.g. friendship groups, work, volunteering, charity, local neighbourhood) to help them respond to a problem or aspiration by getting their community involved in helping them.

Also, you will have to take on a personal, tangible goal to achieve from this course over the six months such as a starting new career, becoming self-employed or starting a business idea or community initiative.

Please get in touch with us using the form below if you are interested and fit the criteria of who we are looking for (which we are quite strict about). Our capacity for this programme is 15.