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Speak to Lead in German

Master your performance

auf Deutsch

A 1½ day public speaking intensive for current and aspiring leaders facilitated by expert language and expression coaches.

  • Learn how to speak and pitch with impact in German
  • Elevate your performance by becoming an effective, authentic and charismatic public speaker who speaks to lead.
  • Unlock your leadership and inspire leadership in others
  • Learn how to achieve your individual and organisational objectives and goals through effective public speaking

Speak to Lead in German is a high-impact, intensive public speaking course for German Speaking leaders facilitated by expert voice, expression and language coaches, Ken Hettiarachi and Nick Diakanastasis. You will learn to speak with impact, charisma and authenticity, elevating your performance and your ability to inspire leadership and action in others – in the business settings that matter most. Participants finish the course by delivering a Ted-style presentation to a live audience.

Speak to Lead in German

This intensive 1.5-day training package will include one-to-one and group coaching, powerful tools and distinctions, live practice, role-play/acting and video feedback. You will build on your existing public speaking and presentation skills to unlock your authentic leadership voice in business in German.  You will receive tailored coaching and support to enable you to speak to lead in the contexts we have identified you wish to elevate your performance in. These could be:

  • Leading client presentations and selling to leads and prospects;
  • Influencing board directors and senior leaders;
  • Getting you message across powerfully in semi-formal contexts such as team meetings, interviews, panel discussions, Q+A sessions;
  • Communicating and leading a strategy and plan
  • Consulting and engaging challenging stakeholders; and
  • Speaking to the media

You will gain a mastery of the mechanics of the public speaking in German, (body language, ‘style’, voice projection and speech craft and messaging), while putting into practice powerful tools and distinctions to inspire and lead with charisma and authenticity. Our approach draws on the methodologies of ontology (exploring and creating powerful ways of being), mindfulness (being present in the here and now), voice training, and role-play and practice with video feedback and guidance from our expert coaches.

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Course Outline & Dates

Day 1: Training

  • 1:1 and group coaching from expert public speaking and language coaches
  • Live presentation and pitching practice with role play
  • Video feedback

Saturday 20th July 9.30 – 17.30
The Nest, Lift. 45 White Lion Street, Angel, London N1 9PD

Day 2: Speeches and Presentations

  • Pre-event coaching and preparation
  • Participants deliver their final presentations to an invited live audience in a Ted-style format
  • Individual Speeches will be professionally videoed for each participant.
  • The event is called: Inspire the Hero Inside: Inspirational speeches by the participants of Speak to Lead in German.

Wednesday 24th July 18.30 – 20.30
Venue: TBC