Bespoke Business Programmes

Short Courses & Long Term Programmes

We are able to bring our unique coaching methodology of empowering individuals in leadership, empowerment, action and performance to organisations, especially small business with 5 to 50 staff, non-profit organisations and local government.

We are able to create bespoke programmes from one day training sessions to seven months in depth programmes, depending on organisational objectives and resources.

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Confidence, Assertiveness & Resilience

This is a reflective and practical one-day course for individuals who would like to develop their confidence, resilience and assertiveness (CAR) in life and in their workplace.

Whether you are chief executive steering an organisation in a new direction or an employee in a stressful client facing role, you might need coaching to help you deal with the demands of your role and have the satisfaction and confidence that comes from our experiential coaching and training.

Speak to Lead

Speak to Lead is a 1.5 day high-impact, intensive public speaking and presentation skills training course for leaders.

This is a one day workshop followed by a half day Ted Talk style public speaking event. In this workshop you discover how to be natural and vibrant on camera and in public meetings and speeches – enabling you to get noticed and get your message heard.

High Impact Leadership Action Programme

High Impact Leadership Action programme is a 7 month’s intensive, focussed, experiential, small group coaching and mentoring programme for CEO’s and Executives, either individually to attend out of site or to be taken as a small organisation of employees of 5-15 staff.

The intention of the programme is to help you produce both a personal and organisational breakthrough in leadership and performance.

Bespoke programmes and collaborations

We offer bespoke corporate training packages and we are also looking to collaborate with recruitment consultants and other corporate providers.

Bespoke coaching programmes and collaborations

We offer bespoke corporate training packages and we are also looking to collaborate with Recruitment Consultants and other corporate providers.

Bespoke programmes

  • Executive & CEO coaching;
  • Confidence, Assertiveness & Resilience (CAR) training for individuals CEO’s or executives
  • Leadership and Performance coaching
  • Public Speaking training packages on presentation skills and speaking with impact


We would like to collaborate with Recruitment Consultants to create bespoke coaching programmes for their clients on Interview coaching.

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